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Friday, 30 September 2016

Amazing animals

Like human being all animals have psychic powers. In some it is developed and in some it is dormant. Domestic animals being closest to us are easier to observe. Famous controversial writer Lobsang Rampa has illustrated some examples.

Frau Moekel was a German housewife.One evening she was helping her child with mathematics. The child could not add 122 and 2.To put her to shame Frau Moekel asked Rolf, their dog how much is two plus two. When Rolf tapped his paw four times, Fau was flabbergasted. Recovering, she asked again how much is five plus five and got the correct answer.

Soon Rolf was extracting square roots. His mistress taught him German alphabets. Within a short time he could communicate by signaling the letters of alphabets with his paw. Rolf and Frau Moekel travelled widely giving public demonstrations. He was tested by top scientists. Rolf could identify flowers in a bouquet presented to him.

Once when asked the meaning of autumn he answered, ”Time for apples”.He could be naughty too. When asked by a lady secretary of a psychologist if there was anything that she could do for him Rolf answered, ”Wag your tail.”

Rolf’s abilities were passed on to his daughter Lola was owned by a lady named Henny Kindermann. Initially Lola was slow to learn but later turned out to be a superb scholar. She learnt to signal numbers using her paws. She used the decimal system by tapping with her left paw to indicate tens and right paw to show units. Lola even learnt to read.

Once Lola disappeared for some time. When asked about it she said she went to the “woods to “marry”. She even correctly predicted how many puppies she would have. She began to refer to herself as “I” rather than “Lola” as before. When asked if she would like to become a human being she replied in the negative. Her reason – people worked too hard. When asked by her mistress “Do you belong to me Lola?” she answered “No”, that belonged to myself.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Old Banyan Tree

Image result for old banyan tree jpg
The old Banyan Tree
In my village
Fell with a thundering noise.
People ran helter-shelter
many made a profit
And to many it saved
a month’s fuel
that was all.

The greatest Banyan tree
Of the country
The Mahatma
fell or rather was felled
it was 1948
that was not at all.

Till date
 his burnt-up limbs
are used and reused as fuel
 in all our politician’s career
to keep alive their cooking flame
A proverb comes here :
“Dead or alive
An elephant is worth
A thousand gold sovereigns.”

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Vision

Image result for vision jpg

The obscure sky shadows 
My reckless efforts 
And  I stumble again 
Hitting against the 
Hard rock of fate 

The wound is raw
The heart broken 
Yet I gather each fragment 
with much care and solicitude
in case a tear may block my vision 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Winter Sky

Not a leaf stirred
winter sky standing still
in an unbearable silence
like the burdened soul.

Distant thunder
threatening to unleash
the torrential 
downpour,any moment.

How will  I face you
after years of placidity,desolation
I am so used to
my limits of solitude
your domain
spreading to eternity
so much freedom,so much space.

I feel lost
like desperate hands grappling
with uncontrollable waves
of the vast turbulant ocean
and time stood still 
like the overcast winter sky.
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